Scientific tutorials

Statistics in R
Download and install the latest version of R and RStudio

 Basic R tutorial
 Linear models and linear mixed effects models: tutorial 1
– Linear mixed effects analyses: tutorial 2

Scientific writing
Commonly used phrasal elements in academic English
Oxford dictionaries for grammar and meaning of words

Google Docs add-ons
Paperpile adds citations and bibliographies flawlessly
SetImageSize controls the width and height of images
Better word count reports the correct word count

Reference manager
Mendeley is a free reference manager that combines the pdf’s of research papers, with tools for annotation. The account is synchronized online, so that you can continue to work anywhere you want, with the device you want

This website might help you out if you cannot find an article. Just type the title in the search box and it should pop up immediately – try “The dark adaptation of retinal fields of different size and location”. If it displays that the search is unavailable, then the article could not be found (but the site still worked). Error while loading the website? Try (1), (2), (3), (4)(5) or (6)